March 2021

Accuracy is critical in aerospace applications!

In aerospace applications, pressure transducers and switches play critical roles in monitoring many systems throughout the aircraft. Because these devices are subjected to extreme conditions, regular calibration is essential to ensure accurate performance. 
How calibration improves optimization

The latest industry findings suggest that smaller teams can feasibly conduct and document device calibrations, at a lower overall cost, with additional productivity and operational reliability benefits.
Video: Get to know the 8588A Reference Multimeter

Designed for calibration laboratories, the 8588A long-scale high-precision multimeter features superior accuracy and long-term stability over a wide measurement range and more than 12 measurement functions. In the standards lab, you can depend on this instrument to perform the way you expect, with repeatable measurements time after time.
Reference pressure gauge technology vs. deadweight testers

Calibration of analog pressure gauges and sensors in an in-house calibration lab or on-site were traditionally performed using a deadweight tester. However, the reference pressure gauge technology has developed to the point where, in many cases, a reference pressure gauge with a pressure comparator can be a viable alternative to the deadweight tester.
Put your old equipment to work saving you money!
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