July 2021
VIDEO: Experimenting with Digital Thermometer Calibration

There are two methods for calibrating a digital thermometer, and one way is more accurate than the other. In this video, we experiment with both to prove out the differences and why one is the preferred method. We look at how variations in altitude, atmospheric pressure, and water purity can impact the wet method's accuracy, and how the dry method stacks up.
Four things to ask about calibration asset management software

Whether you run a calibration laboratory or another kind of facility, keeping your assets organized, maintaining crucial information about the models, and knowing the maintenance and calibration history is critical to your operation. That’s where calibration asset management software comes in. We will look at how calibration asset management software can streamline your workflow and the four things you should look for when selecting the right calibration asset management software.
VIDEO: We Drop Our Testers More Than You Do!

Ever dropped a Fluke tool? We do. All the time. In fact, it's part of our quality testing procedures! With Fluke Networks, reliability is no accident. After the tools are designed to the most exacting standards, we run through a battery of tests to make sure they live up to the Fluke name.
In-house calibration for your temperature sensors and probes!

Because temperature is always on the move, probes measuring temperature need to be calibrated consistently to be accurate. This article will look at the benefits of calibrating temperature probes in-house, basic procedures, challenges you may encounter, and three particular ways to calibrate the PT100.
National Geographic Takes a Fluke to Yellowstone National Park

One of the reasons Yellowstone National Park is an iconic summer vacation destination for families is that it boasts amazing wildlife and is among the most geologically active places on earth. The park includes 10,000 hydrothermal features—steam vents, hot springs, mud spots, and of course the showcase geysers such as Old Faithful. That makes Yellowstone an ideal place to deploy Fluke thermal imaging technology to help explain the phenomena.
See the independent evaluation of the Fluke 8588A Reference Multimeter

If you haven't already seen it, check out Christopher Grachanen and David Morgan's unbiased evaluation of the 8588A's performance and repeatability. They'll also share their thoughts on using the 8588A to calibrate multifunction calibrators like the Fluke 5522A.
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