June 2021
Save cost by bringing humidity sensor calibration in-house

Humidity sensors are a crucial component of quality control in a manufacturing environment. They are often in “clean rooms” where a tightly controlled environment is critical to product quality and reduction of environmental hazard risks. We will walk you through what to consider when determining if in-house humidity calibration is suitable for your lab.
Learn about the 8588A capacitance function

As capacitance is derived from resistance, we will look at the methodology, examine the measurement process, and describe some pitfalls to know if you need to verify the capacitance function routinely.
Need to ensure power monitoring accuracy in your manufacturing process?

Power monitoring must be precise. Ensuring accuracy during the manufacturing process, especially for high current and high voltage products, is where the Fluke Calibration 52120A Transconductance Amplifier comes in. Did you know it has application uses outside of the lab?
Is Power over Ethernet (PoE) Safe?

While blasting AC/DC's "Back in Black" above 70 decibels is definitely NOT safe for your ears, there has long been the belief that DC power is safe while AC power is not. Find out why and how PoE is involved. (Spoiler Alert: It's perfectly safe.)
Why calibrate flowmeters?

Test and measurement professionals like yourself use flowmeters in a wide variety of applications where accurate flow measurements are critical, including HVAC, energy and utilities, water management, aerospace, agriculture, and the pharmaceutical industry. Let's take a look at the best practices you need to know for calibrating your flowmeters.
2021 Fluke Safety Survey Results

You shared your professional insights with us in our Annual Fluke Safety Survey, and we've compiled those results in this article. How is the perception around safety changing? How are professionals approaching safety in their work? 
We heard you and have good news - the promotion has been extended!

You asked, and we listened! You now have additional time to put your old pressure and electrical calibrators to work, saving you money while updating your lab in 2021. 
Did you miss World Metrology Day?

After more than a year of global pandemic actions, we can see how much our industry has been involved in the medical device manufacturing process, vaccine production, and transportation.
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