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January Newsletter 2021

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Learn the differences between digital and analog pressure gauge calibration

Analog pressure gauges are still widely used because they are relatively inexpensive and can do the job for many applications. Digital pressure gauges are more expensive than an equivalent analog gauge but are generally more accurate. There is a fair amount of overlap in applications where you can use a digital or analog gauge interchangeably.


New Video: Automated calibration with a high precision pressure piston gauge

Join our expert, Jeff Grossman, to see how you can completely automate your piston gauge's operation using an Automated Mass Handler (AMH), Pressure Controller, and COMPASS for Pressure Calibration Software.

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Learn why and how to calibrate your rotameter

A rotameter is inherently a volumetric flow measurement device. Ideally, a rotameter is designed and calibrated at the same temperature and pressure and with the same process gas for which it will be used. This article covers the why, what, and how of rotameter calibration.

Learn about rotameter calibration »


Three expert tips for automating your lab

We know that investing in calibration automation software is a significant undertaking for any laboratory. These top three tips for choosing the right calibration automation software will get you well on your way to finding the right solution for your laboratory.

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Fluke 787 and 789: A multimeter and loop calibrator all in one

Both the Fluke 787B and 789 ProcessMeter™ are handheld tools that combine the power of a 1000 volt CAT III/600 V CAT IV safety-rated digital multimeter with a full-featured mA loop calibrator. These tools give you the tried and true multimeter along with the accuracy and resolution you would expect from a Fluke mA loop calibrator.

Learn the similarities and differences »

Learn how-to with videos: Let the Fluke Calibration video library help you learn how to utilize your product to its full capability or find the right product for your particular application. Check out our video library.

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