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December Newsletter 2020

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Verify your 67 MAX Infrared Thermometer performance

Most infrared thermometer calibration instrumentation is designed for IR thermometers with much larger specifications and broader temperature range. Take a look at how to verify that your Fluke 67 MAX Infrared Thermometer is performing within its published specifications.


New video: How to use the 5790B AC Measurement Standard as a detector.

The 5790B is a multi-purpose ac measurement standard that combines the accuracy you’d expect from a thermal transfer standard with the ease of using a digital multimeter. Learn about using a 5790B as a detector with the A40B current shunt. The corrections in the 5790B give you the actual output readings from the A40B.

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Learn what to look for in a pressure gauge calibration standard

One of the most frequently asked questions we hear from customers is, "what is the best type of calibration standard for analog pressure gauge calibration or digital pressure gauge calibration?" There are a lot of variables that affect the pressure calibration standard you choose.

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New Video: The handheld reference thermometer you can take anywhere.

Join our expert Travis Porter to see how the Fluke 1523 and Fluke 1524 help you measure, graph, and record PRTs, thermocouples, and thermistors handling field applications, laboratory measurements, and data logging with ease.

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Thank You

As 2020 goes down in the history books and this life-changing year nears its end, we wanted to express our heartfelt thanks for your business. Like you, we are looking hopefully towards 2021, and we will be here to help support you in the new year.

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