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Newsletter October 2018
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What’s NEW?
Calibrate tri-clamp sensors with 4X the calibration throughput and 2X the accuracy

The Fluke Calibration 6109A and 7109A Portable Calibration Baths let process industry professionals calibrate four times more sanitary sensors per batch in less time and with twice the accuracy of other baths in this class. Up to four tri-clamp sanitary sensors fit easily into these baths for calibration at ± 0.1 °C temperature display accuracy. Throughput is even higher for sanitary RTDs with small or no flanges.

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Fluke Calibration 732C and 734C DC Voltage Reference Standard
The simple way to maintain and disseminate your volt.

The new Fluke Calibration 734C DC Reference Standard is a direct voltage reference used to maintain the volt in primary and secondary standards laboratories. It consists of four electrically and mechanically independent 732C DC Standards and a rack-width enclosure. Individual 732Cs provide 10 V, 1 V, and 0.1 V outputs and may be transported easily to remote locations while the reference is maintained in the laboratory.

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Fluke Calibration 8270A and 8370A Modular High-Pressure Controllers / Calibrators
The widest workload coverage in an automated pressure controller

The new Fluke Calibration 8270A and 8370A are automated pneumatic pressure controllers that calibrate a wide workload of pressure sensors, covering twice the pressure ranges at twice the speed of other high-pressure controllers. With two models available you can balance price and performance. Fluke Calibration’s unique control technology enables you to use these calibrators at low or high pressures, all in the same instrument. Control precision is 0.002% of active range.

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What’s on OFFER?
Limited Time Offer: Free Reference PRT
Valid till 30 November 2018

For a limited time, get a FREE 5615 or 5609 Reference PRT (valued at over $2,000) when you purchase a qualifying 917x, 9190A or 914x Field Metrology Well with an additional insert or carrying case.
Offer valid from an authorised Fluke Calibration distributor only.

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Three Reasons to Choose a Modular Pressure Calibrator Over a More Traditional Solution

From a high level view, all pressure calibration systems perform these actions: generate and control a pressure, measure the pressure, and observe and record the output of the device under test (DUT). In a traditional pressure calibration system, one device performs more than one of these functions. In a modular system, each function is performed by a separate module.

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How to automate the calibration of output pressure transmitters

Mission-critical pressure transmitters must be tested and calibrated regularly, and automating the process makes it easier and more efficient. Learn how to use the 2271A Industrial Pressure Calibrator and 6270A Pressure Controller Calibrator to do the job with just one simple-to-automate box.

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